Born in 1988 in Zaragoza, his interest in music began for the first time in 2003 playing his first vinyl dishes, there he began his great passion for music, to the dishes he has been for more than 10 years, going through different nightclubs or clubs like .... Florida 135, Elrow bcn, Balearia ibz, Ekho club, Reset club, Explosive club, 404 club, The goddess dance club, Carpa dance parkig norte zgz, The silver club, royal room etc ...., a shared poster and booth with electronic scene artists such as ... Seth troxler, The martnez brothers, Dj Harvey, The suruba, Gaiser, Uner, Edu imbernon, Javier Orduña, Marc Maya, Toni Varga, De la swing, George privatti, Raul mezcolanza, Andres Field, Agatha Pher, Dave it, Dj Frank, Cesar Almena, Paco Maroto, Carlos Caballero, Josh Leiva, Michael Sanchez, Javi Hill, Mendo, Javi Reina, Lexlay, Carlos Perez, Gaston Zani ....In 2010 he began to try other tastes such as being a producer. In 2012 he started working with a record label called Rack Records where he began to bring his first works to light ... He is currently working with Rack Records, Biconic Records, Squad Music, City Noises, HiFi Stories, Sea Of Sand, Tretmuehle, Doppelgaenger, Cromatic records, Select Case etc ...
Little by little he is making a hole collaborating with several artists of national level, his current style is techno and tech house, with enthusiasm effort and dedication to his great passion has managed to stand out in the electronic scene of Aragon .... In 2012 begins to play at the mythical Aragonese club Reset Club where he begins to grow as an artist in different events programmed by the room.
In 2014 he made several collaborations with Digital Sounds Radio, a radio program that broadcast live every week,
In 2014, he decided to collaborate with an Aragonese promoter called 404 club, in which he collaborates as a DJ and producer and is a resident of the different events that this Aragonese promoter is programming,
In 2015 one of his songs Anthonymusic - Caracolas en el mar was released on a compilation called Ramba zamba 16 surrounded by artists like ... Heartik, Coyu, Hollen, Prok & Fitch vs. Marco Lys, Ross Evans, Alex Piccini & Olderic, Ismael Rivas, Miguel Bastida, Salero, Sebastian Ledher, Tini Garcia, King, D'Acosta, Mennie, Daniele Petronelli, EMA, Brazila, Mario Ochoa, Boris, Loko, Juanmy.R , Guille Placencia, George Privatti, Tomy Wahl, Qubiko, Fabio Ricciuti, Toni Ramos, AnthonyMusic, Joe Red, Jose Ponce, Peter Siles, Camilo Diaz, Elias Fernandez, Edgar Kaen, Mikel Ayerra, Ismael Alonso, Lui Maldonado, Lypocodium, Tony Puccio J. Nandez, John Rivera, Tino Mark, Joseph Mancino, Alex Patane ... currently his songs are still getting into compilations surrounded by great artists,
He is currently collaborating with a promoter from Barcelona, ​​since 2016 he is a resident of the different events that Silence Group is programming.
As an artist and producer, he focuses all his efforts on a constant improvement and innovation in each work; affirming his tremendous passion for music.

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